About Clays

Roberts hand makes many of her clay bodies.  Making clay from scratch is time consuming and physically strenuous but Roberts considers it a small price to pay to have clay suited exactly to the task at hand.For example the clay used for Lavaware is actually a high quality stoneware recipe passed down to Roberts from her college professor and mentor.  Roberts saw the lava fields of Kona in 2005 and was inspired to find a clay or develop a clay body that looked and felt like lava rock.  She returned to Missouri and walked into her professor’s studio to find a piece made out of exactly what she was looking for.  Thus the series of Lavaware was born.  Lavaware is a high fired stone ware that is microwave and dishwasher safe.  It also contains no real lava as Roberts respects the cultural sensitivity of the Hawaiians and the removal of lava rock from the islands.  Aside from cultural issues actual lava melts at 2000 while the pottery is fired to cone 10 (2400) and would not withstand the firing.  So where does the texture come from?  The combination of minerals and grog give the clay the stone like texture.

Ingredients are combined into a container with water and drilled into a slip.

Mixing Clay

The slip is poured into racks to cure for 4 weeks or so.

Clay Rack