About Sculptures

Roberts is a sculptor using a wide variety of mediums in combination with different clay bodies to achieve the results she is looking for.

 “I decide what the piece will be and then pick the medium to fit what best suits the concept.  Take the leafy sea dragon (coming soon) for example clay suits his body but the delicate leaves were better suited to metal. The end results is a clay piece with delicate copper embellishments”

said Roberts of her current work in progress.  Roberts takes much inspiration from marine invertebrates as these animals provide intricate and delicate subject matters.  “Nudi’s” is a new series that is focused on the delicate, decorative and colorful nature of the sea slug. 

 Roberts’ more conceptual ‘art for art’s sake’ sculptures focus less on decoration and more on a cerebral play on words and gross anatomy.  A new series which should be completed mid 2014 is called “Anatomically Incorrect” will feature at least five sculptures that offer a playful visual combination of common phrases and the inner parts of the human body.  This series will not be for everyone but then again no series ever is.

 Roberts will still be creating Octopi Kona Sculptures although at a much slower pace than previous years.  The octopus will continue to be a major source of inspiration as the possibilities are endless with the subject.  “I focus on capturing the movement of the octopus, I want each sculpture to be a physical snapshot of the animal.” said Roberts at the inception of the 2012 Octopi Kona series which is still going strong.