Blood Spot Nudibranch "Ardeadoris Cruenta"


The Blood Spot Chromodoris has a rather macabé name considering the beauty of this species.  It has a very dramatic, large, ruffling mantle that softly ripples in the ocean current. Much like a beautiful skirt might do when a dancer slowly spins on a dance floor.  The bright red spots, where it gets its name, provide a striking contrast to the otherwise lemon yellow and white body of the animal.  This nudibranch can be found in the Western Tropical Pacific, more specifically Austraila's GBR, Osprey Island and Solomon Islands.

These Nightlights are larger than lifesize. The range is generally between 5-7 inches depending on the proportions of the actual species. The base will then be large enough to house the light and accomodate the sculture. In all about a 10x8 inch space would be ideal to display.  They also display very nicely on book shelves.

Nightlight is powered by an LED push light that requires 3aaa batteries.

Each nighlight is created to order and the type of seashells and that exact pose of the nudibranch will vary slightly from the picture on your unique sculpture.

FedEx 2 day express shippping to the US mainland is included in the price. For shipping outside of the US or within the state of Hawaii, please e-mail for a quote.

Sculpture is made of polymer clay and the base is made from drift wood, shells and sea glass found here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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