South Point Treasures Vases

The shape of these vases is inspired by Native American Stirrup vessels.  I have chosen to use the negative space in the circle to give them a decorative element that is uniquely Hawaiian.  The shells I collect at various beaches and while scuba diving, the sea glass comes from the trash beaches in the South Point area of the Big Island.  In this area trash from all over the Pacific is washed up on shore.  I find my treasures among the trash but I also collect as much plastic as I can.  When I leave this remote area I take a load of plastic with me along with the sea glass, sea shells, netting and driftwood that I incorporate as the decorative elements in these Mixed Media Vases. These vases are always one of a kind, if none are listed for sale it means I have more in production and the previous ones have sold out.  You can always e-mail and inquire about when new ones will be available or making a special order.

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